Lisa is very pleased to have released a debut EP! It was an incredible experience to collaborate with fellow musicians to create 4 original tracks. Heartfelt thanks go to Ronnie Douglas for sharing his beautiful song, Peace of MInd, and for playing guitar on Stronger. Lisa would also like to thank Richard Jackson for his recording and drumming expertise, Ian Ross for his exceptional guitar work, Peter Loudon for his song writing, bass and guitar playing talents, Mark Hathaway for his incredible sax playing, and Michael Jack for his mixing and mastering wizardry. Lisa is looking forward to releasing a full album. 

Slow Down.mp3


Peace Of Mind (2).mp3

Better Late Than Never.mp3

Same Ol Blues.mp3

All songs mixed and mastered by Michael Jack @ The Radio Room, Barrie, Ontario.

Recorded by Richard Jackson at richmusic studio, Bracebridge, Ontario.

Peace of MInd written by Ronnie Douglas. Mark Hathaway (sax) on Track 5.

Slow Down, Stronger, Better Late Than Never written by Lisa Hutchinson & Peter Loudon.

Same Ol Blues by Freddie King.